Hey, welcome back – if you read the previous guide. That, as you can see, was just a taste of the vegetarian and vegan options Tokyo has to offer. Here are a few more select recommendations.


Located on a side street near Aoyama Gakuin University, this 100% vegan restaurant has an undeniable trendy flair, but still works for a casual lunch or evening with friends.

Borrowing heavily from Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, the restaurant’s mood lighting and elegant flair gives you a hint of the extensive wine collection.

Innovative dishes like tempeh souvlaki, vegetable skewers, paprika-sprinkled pita bread, ricotta-sage ravioli and tofu steak demonstrate that 8ablish – while unapologetically vegan and health-oriented – is nonetheless focused on taste.

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Ain Soph. Journey

Located in Shinjuku, with another location having opened in Kyoto, Ain Soph. Journey offers freshly prepared 100% vegan meals, using only hand-selected ingredients. This includes everything from a demi-glace hamburger steak to Spanish omelets (using egg substitute) plus tortilla rolls, curries and mushroom Hayashi rice.

However, no meal (vegan or not) is complete without dessert and there are plenty of options from pancakes and waffles to gluten-free cheesecake and gâteau chocolat.

Perhaps the most interesting treat is the vegan crème brûlée. This modern take on a French classic has a creamy, rich flavor with a hint of rum and caramel glaze on top. There’s also vegan Japanese pudding and tiramisu served in mason jars, which pairs nicely with the place’s relaxed feel.

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Olu’Olu Cafe (Temporarily Closed)

Despite being labeled as “vegan junk food,” there’s a lot more behind this Hawaiian-style restaurant located about 10 minutes from Sangenjaya or Ikejiri-Ohashi stations.

Surfboards hang from the ceiling and there’s a distinct island vibe in Olu’Olu Cafe, with a sign proudly announcing that customers with no shirt and shoes are welcomed. You can also bring your dog inside.

That relaxed vibe is carried into a variety of meal choices like crispy vegan gyoza, creamy detox curry, burgers, garlic edamame beans (the sauce is really addictive), and vegan ramen. Olu’Olu Cafe has an intricate menu with plenty of options for whatever you’re craving. The portions are, simply put, American-sized. Odds are you’ll walk away full.

Aside from smoothies, there’s a fairly interesting drink, the dandelion coffee, which is not only caffeine-free, but supposedly offers medicinal benefits.

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Brown Rice

As described on the restaurant’s website, Brown Rice strives “to provide simple, authentic Japanese dishes that celebrate the changing seasons.” It more than achieves this, offering a complete farm-to-table experience for those in the Omotesando/Harajuku area.

One page in the menu, for example, is dedicated to telling you where ingredients are sourced from, like the homemade raw miso, which is made with malted white rice from Yamagata Prefecture, while the award-winning sticky brown rice hails from Toyama Prefecture.

Even the interior of Brown Rice radiates with an earthy feeling. Bundles of rice straw hang from the ceiling, over two large wooden tables and staff dress in clothing made from natural fibers.

Although options change on a seasonal basis and with availability, the bamboo basket steamed vegetable set and vegetable curry are staples. A seasonal set includes a main dish, brown rice, three sides and organic miso soup. There’s a wide selection of drinks like tea, coffee, hojicha (roasted green tea) too. All the desserts at Brown Rice are dairy-free and made with sugar alternatives like brown rice amazake.

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T’s TanTan

Sort of like Captain Ahab chasing that elusive white whale, vegetarians and vegans have been on a quest for decent meat-free ramen in Tokyo. Well, T’s TanTan located in Tokyo Station is that “whale.” Not literally, of course. I mean it has a distinction for having some of the best vegetarian/vegan ramen in the city.

Known for a tantan-men served in broth flavored with sesame and peanut oil, the menu has expanded massively, and while quality ramen is still centerpiece, T’s TanTan offers karaage, gyoza and curries.

There’s also a location in Narita Airport on the 4th floor of Terminal 2.

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Extra: Kippy’s Coco-Cream

There’s always room for dessert, am I right?

This California-based ice cream shop makes dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free and gluten-free ice cream from coconuts sweetened with either local raw honey or organic dates. When you see the photos on Instagram, I think you’ll agree Kippy’s definitely is worth a visit.

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