June 30, 2018
17:00–20:00・Aug 28, 2021–Aug 29, 2021・Koenji Station

Koenji Awaodori is one of Tokyo’s major summer festivals, with over 10,000 Awa dancers —from 188 groups, known as ren — and visitors in the area to watch them parade down the streets. There are two main types of dance – the “men’s dance” (which many females participate in too) that is deeply bent at the waist and low to the ground, and then, the “ladies’ dance” which is done on raised geta sandals wearing braided hats. Fundamentally, the dance is simple, as you only need to raise your hands and lead with the same hand and foot as you move forward. Despite its simple nature, teams, known as “ren” create and develop their own unique performances. One aspect of Awaodori’s charm is the rich variety and dazzling performances that have grown from this simple dance.”

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 in Tokyo, outdoor events will be replaced with indoor performances with the possibility of cancellation upon further notice. The event will implement strict Covid-19 preventive guidelines and regulations.

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