The Benza and Benza English are two comedy shows set in the same universe. The Benza is a fun, just-for-laughs adventure following two Tokyo-based foreigners, Chris and Kyle. The Duo were swept up on a wild adventure as they attempted to repair their toilet seat, now the pair must save the world from the vile villainess Inko Sensei.

In another universe the show Benza English takes a look at how foreigners and Japanese people are portrayed in Japanese media while teaching a little English along the way. Producer and writer Christopher McCombs wanted to create a comedy about life in Tokyo that foreigners and Japanese could laugh at together and not feel like one or the other was being laughed at.

Just as the show wants to be a place where people can come together to share a laugh, the game has been created so that all gamers, be they beginner or veteran, can pick up and enjoy this turn-based RPG. The turn-based nature of the combat allows for beginners to have an easy time understanding when to attack and where, and the deep strategy that comes along with RPGs allows gaming veterans something to enjoy.

Featuring nostalgic graphics mixed with modern effects, voice acting from the cast in battles, and a diverse soundtrack ranging from chiptunes to hip hop, The Benza RPG is an original free-to-play RPG experience.

The free-to-play mobile game is also packed with a ton of special features including 29 original songs from artists Takahiro Nomiya, Marcus L Spade Johnson and Yonamine Akinori, but also six songs performed by the main cast. The game has a ton of original artwork provided by The Benza’s own director Raito Nishizaka, Aver Hamilton and many others.

The Benza RPG is free to play and is currently available on iOS systems with plans to expand to PC and MAC via Steam and Android devices Q4 of 2020. Initially available in English in 148 countries via iOS, the Japanese version will be available Q1 of 2021!

For more information on The Benza and their new game check out there Twitter, Facebook or the Official Website. And to download the new Benza RPG game click here.