To the global eye, Japan maintains a strong facade when it comes to technology. On the surface, it’s seen as a tech trailblazer with no shortage of sophisticated, revolutionary innovations. For those who have spent time here, however, a different picture emerges. It’s a country that can often be slow to adapt to modernization. This can be seen in the way people pay for items. 

Despite the government’s attempt to propel the movement for electronic payments, there’s still a great deal of hesitancy. The population continues to teeter between the two ideas. They realize a cashless society is a way forward, but their deep-rooted, cash-loving inclinations remain. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, however, the push for increased electronic financial transactions has brimmed to a new level of urgency.  

EVERING‘s cutting-edge smart ring could be the solution for a contactless payment system in Japan. The company kicked off in the UK selling authentication rings for smartphones and door locks in 2012. Four years later, they supplied rings for athletes to use at the Olympic village in Rio. In 2020, “EVERING” launched in Japan under CEO Ken Kawata. 


Your Fingers on the Pulse of Everything

While mainstream digital payment services require users to unlock their phones or launch an app, contactless Visa payment through EVERING is complete with just a flick of a wrist and a slight tap of the ring against the reader. The IC chip quickly responds to radio waves and, as a result, you don’t have to worry about rummaging around for your phone or wallet. 

Managing your finances is also easy. You can register and use multiple credit cards and prepaid cards. Through the designated smartphone app, users can charge up to ¥30,000 at a time. In case of theft or loss, you can stop or restart the service at any time. To top it all off, EVERING is equipped with international-standard security authentication technology that guarantees a safe transaction. 


As Utilitarian as it is Sleek

The ring boasts an ultra-modern design with a black-jade color that gives it a high-end feel, but it also provides a smooth and stress-free consumer experience. The device is made from zirconia ceramic, a material widely known for its high durability, water resistance, low irritation and non-allergic properties. 

Customers can pre-order EVERING via the company’s official website from May 17.  With a limited number of 3,000 pieces available at ¥19,800 (including tax), you may need to hurry as the hype is catching on. The plan is to eventually incorporate functions for public transportation and ticket payments. That is just the beginning of EVERING in Japan. No doubt other impressive innovations are on the horizon.  


Pre-orders for EVERING start at 12:00. Visit EVERING for more information on the product. Orders are scheduled to be shipped around summer 2021. 

Image: © EVERING Co., Ltd.