Between November 9 and 11, the Sumida Aquarium held the Garden Eels Festival 2018 in commemoration of Garden Eels Day of November 11. Sumida Aquarium applied to the Japan Anniversary Association for Garden Eels Day and was approved in 2013. Since then, the aquarium has declared November 11 as Garden Eels Day. That’s garden eels look like the shape of the number 1, and November 11 (11/11) has the largest number of 1s in the whole year.

The Garden Eels Festival offered many programs for visitors to learn about the ecology of garden eels. A new hands-on digital attraction was featured that used 1-10’s Smart Touch System. Images of garden eels were projected on the screen, and when they were touched, they made cute movements like hiding under the sand in the water, poking their heads above the surface and more.

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