World Order, the robot dancing brainchild of former mixed martial artist Genki Sudo, took to the pitcher’s mound last week to deliver what might be one of the most innovative first pitches we’ve ever seen.

Nippon Professional Baseball is well known their buzzworthy game-opening first pitches. Last year, we had a petite karateka breaking blocks with her head before hurling her pitch plateward, and two years ago the queen of horror, Sadako waited for a long, scary while, lofted an unnerving Eephus ball, and fell down, face-forward.

However, when you’re a seven-man ensemble known best for your synchronized robot dancing action, your wind-up can take on a totally different dimension. As reported on RocketNews24, when World Order made their way to the mound at the Rakuten Golden Eagles opener, they brought their signature moves to play—even on their introductory bow.

And when it came time for the pitch itself, the group didn’t hold back, creating a bewildering wind-up of twelve arms waving behind pitcher Genki Sudo. Though the pitch didn’t quite make inside the strike zone (even if that batter would have happened to have been wielding seven bats), we think they could be on to something if you gave them a bit more to practice…

Check it out for yourself:

—Alec Jordan

Image: Screengrab from YouTube