While there are no real life Super Potions or Hyper Potions to relieve ourselves from fatigue, a Pokemon onsen might just be the next best thing. Introducing “Pokemon Kaifuku no Yu,” a collaboration between Gokurakuyu, Raku Spa and the famed pocket monster franchise.

pokemon onsen

Pokemon Baths

There are eight types of Pokemon onsen, each featuring a unique Pokemon and their specific healing commands. For example, Chansey’s is called the “Soft-boiled Bath” with its name taken directly from its in-game move called “soft-boiled,” which restores up to 50% of the Pokemon’s maximum health points.

Other Pokemon that will get their own baths are Sprigatito, Scream Tail, Milotic, Poltchageist, Clefairy, Tsareena and Snorlax. How the baths represent these Pokemon remains to be seen, but we expect the color and aroma of the bath salts to mirror the Pokemon’s properties. All guests who pay the admission fee and for the Pokemon Kaifuku no Yu Plus set will also receive a randomized towel featuring one of the healing Pokemon.

Food and Merchandise

Aside from the baths, guests can also purchase some original event merchandise, such as a Pokemon Kaifuku No Yu wash basin (¥1,650) and a Pokemon Kaifuku No Yu candy milk bottle (¥1,430). If you’re not content with simply soaking with Pokemon, you can also eat them via the special Kaifuku menu. This includes a fruit au lait float, a blue soda float, a sleepy Pikachu and Snorlax omurice and more. Purchases of food and drink items also come with complimentary Pokemon coasters and place mats.

If a bath and a meal haven’t invigorated you enough, you can also try out the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Academy set. This is a brand-new set of Pokemon cards that are perfect for beginners wanting to get into the official Pokemon card game. Participants will receive an original Pokemon sticker.

Event Information

Pokemon Kaifuku no Yu kicks off on March 8 and runs until April 2024. The promotion will be available at all 32 of the Gokurakuyu and Raku Spa locations in Japan. Each Pokemon inspired bath will only last for a few days, so be sure to check the event website to know more about when your favorite Pokemon’s onsen may be featured. Information on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Battle Academy trial period can also be found there.

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