From Christmas themed tunes to a surprise Christian tune, here’s our pick of the month’s hottest trending tracks to funk up your playlist.

Suchmos – “Stay Tune”

If you’ve ever wondered what a Japanese Jamiroquai would sound like, then Suchmos is your answer. The band were formed in 2013 and are inspired by a mix of rock, jazz and hip-hop. Their name is adapted from Louis Armstrong’s nickname, Satchmo. “Stay Tune” has an awesome thudding bassline, perfect for the party season.

Sam Smith – “Midnight Train”

Only Sam Smith can turn selfish love magically beautiful. “Midnight Train” is taken from the British singer’s current record, and details the difficult decision of leaving a lover. It has a little bit of Radiohead, a little bit of Adele, and a lot of signature “Samotion.”
The song’s not on YouTube, but you can find it here on Spotify:

Sia – “Santa’s Coming For Us”

A Christmas playlist isn’t complete without a Christmas single. Sia’s latest holiday release Everyday Is Christmas came out in November and has already made constant appearances across retail floors worldwide. In the video for “Santa’s Coming For Us”, the Aussie pop singer enlists a host of celebrities in a eccentric Christmas party, including Kirsten Bell and Dax Shepard.

Bjork – “Arisen My Senses”

Our favorite quirky Icelandic singer is back with a brilliant new album, Utopia. “Arisen My Senses” is the opening song, full of morning glory. The mish-mash of harps, flutes, piano and Bjork’s rich-moody vocals are blissful – so much so that we may have already floated into a daydream with this in an onsen relaxation room.

Ed Sheeran – “Perfect”

Ed provides the ultimate soundtrack to your ski cabin proposal (or related activities). “Perfect” can be summed up in its title; a perfect romantic ballad from the ginger superstar. It’s almost a more festive “Thinking Out Loud,” and the adorable video is filmed in Austrian ski slopes with US actress Zoey Deutch.

MGMT – “Little Dark Age”

MGMT (made up of US duo Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser) have goth layered into their distinctive sound with new single “Little Dark Age,” from their upcoming album due in 2018. The haunting synths have a retro feel that twists with Frankie Goes To Hollywood and David Bowie.

Aminé – “Spice Girl”

US rapper Adam Aminé Daniel admitted that his first ever concert was the Spice Girls, whom he saw at the age of five, and so his latest track is dedicated to the legends of girl power. The hip-hop number is slick, sexy and fun, and now we all want a Spice Girl for Christmas. Watch till the end of the video for a surprise cameo.

Hillsong Young & Free – “This Is Living”

We have to admit, until now we never really listened to Christian worship music. Nevertheless, Aussie group Hillsong Young & Free, will have us shouting “Hallelujah” all the way to church on December 25. “This Is Living” is full of high energy (and even – gasp – a rap!) that could easily be remixed into a Calvin Harris or Tiesto rave. The video has a staggering 22 and a half million views so far!