La Priest – Fase Luna

“The solo project of former Late of the Pier front man Samuel Eastgate. When I close my eyes and listen to it, it makes me feel like I’m far away or being taken along a secluded beachfront. I’ve been listening to him since the Late of the Pier days, so it’s great that I can now listen to his stuff as it comes out.”

Dove – Atarashi Karada 

“Singer-producer Dove — featured on my 2021 album, Orca — released Atarashi Karada in 2022 on Berlin label Yegorka. Dove is there for you when you have to stop and think about life, and her singing voice is so beautiful that I’ve cried listening to it. She left for Berlin this year, and it would be so good to sing together again.”

Yem Gel – Endchantment 

“A 2022 release from U.K.-based audiovisual artist Yem Gel on Brussels label Slagwerk. The fourth track, “Ur Wound,” starts off with a super-catchy melody and a well-known pixie-voice song, then destroys any expectations as it changes completely. Yem Gel creates sonic violence or tenderness, carrying us on board his ship and along with the story.”

Itsnatevendahk – Wedontdothatanymore

“I met Manchester-based musician Itsnatevendahk back when he was making band music, so I gave his new album a listen. The bass line feels very R&B, and his slow singing, alongside the melancholic synth, is so good! I immediately ordered a CD, but instead, he told me to trade for Orca, so I swapped a CD that I always listen to in the car.”

Mark LeckeyIn This Lingering Twilight Sparkle

“Musique concrete from British contemporary artist Mark Leckey. He uses field recordings taken from the street as a base, piecing the album together to give the illusion of being inside a nightmare or lost inside some sort of fantasy. When the LP reached the end, the needle kept skipping, but I thought that was part of the track…”

Ntski’s new album, Calla, will be released on November 10.