Stars gather to raise money for earthquake victims

K-Pop superstars Girls' Generation at MTV Music Aid Japan © MTV

The energy of the MTV Video Music Aid Japan was unparalleled amidst the aftermath of 3/11. All of the proceeds from the event went to the Red Cross, fulfilling the “party for a cause” clause. The VM-AID was hosted by the group with the most infamous cult following, AKB48 and special guest stars included the likes of Lady Gaga (in a fabulous giant spider web) presenting her new single, Edge of Glory. The event was broadcast live to 30 million households, sending the powerful message nationwide of sticking together and accomplishing a superb event for a great cause. To make matters even more interesting, Lady Gaga, the nouvelle queen of pop herself is being sued for allegedly mischarging consumers for sales for her “Pray for Japan” bracelets. It will be interesting to see how that issue pans out!

Namie Amuro, Ai and Tsuchiya Anna perform live © MTV

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