Indulging a rare breed of rock n’ roll of the biggest kind, Emiko is a sensitive and introspective songwriter. Notwithstanding, this girl lives up to the rock legends as a trailblazer who sings, plays keys, takes her own solos, and is unafraid to say what others only dare to think. Having played piano since she was two and half, Emiko has transformed from classical pianist prodigy to rock and roll starlet.

A three time featured performer of the Songwriters Hall of Fame New Writers Showcases, Emiko has graced the pages of Billboard Magazine, FM Sound, Music Connection, and other mainstream music publications. With writing and production credits under her belt for SONY/ATV, V2, and a new album in the works with producer Patrick Shaw (Shakira, Alicia Keys, Mandy Moore), she is just on the brink of exploding on a global level. Her several award wins (2005, 2006 ASCAPlus Award; 2005 Overplay Song Competition Award) and nominations (2004 BRIT Award), coupled with her incredible chart success in the UK (#1 for a record setting 17 weeks on the Overplay Pop/Rock charts) has lead to the fast and furious growth of Emiko’s fanbase. Her participation in World Hunger Year’s “Artists Against Hunger and Poverty” Campaign as the only unsigned artist on the tour, and her performances with Jackson Browne at the Steel Bridge Song Festival in Wisconsin for the last two years have secured Emiko’s presence on the national level. “City Sessions,” a show which features interviews and performances from Emiko, is now airing on PBS, RAVE, and will be on FUSE in the coming months.