Two lonely Tokyoites make a musical connection in the latest video from the band J.A.C.K., titled “La Valse.”

Whether you’re young or old, it’s very easy to feel an overwhelming sense of solitude in this city of so many millions. But in this video directed by Jeremy Rubier and Robin Mahieux, and set in the neighborhoods of Nakameguro and Nippori, tells the tale of a pair who manage to briefly cross a generational gap and share a moment of communication.

As Rubier explains, he and Mahieux – who had flown in from Paris at his own expense – “shot it with absolutely no money in two days, just for the sake of doing it.” In a fluke of fate, it turns out that the actor that they found to portray the old man had recently lost his wife, adding a level of emotional resonance to his performance. Although “La Valse” may not have the technical flair of some of the music videos we’ve posted in the past, there’s a touching quality to this short film that lingers past the final scene.