Japan’s agriculturally forward prefecture Miyazaki has just launched a collaboration between Pokemon’s Exeggcute or Tama Tama in Japanese (stylized in katakana as タマタマ) and its own “tama tama,” (stylized in hiragana as たまたま) which refers to a type of kumquat. As part of this fun collaboration, the Miyazaki tama tama kumquat will be sold in original design packs that feature the Pokemon mascot. These can be purchased at mass retailers in Miyazaki Prefecture, the Miyazaki Bougainvillea Airport Shop, and satellite stores within the prefecture. For those living outside of Miyazaki, you can order them online via JA Group Miyazaki’s official mail order site until February 29, 2024.

Miyazaki Prefecture’s Specialty Kumquats

While all tama tama are kumquats, not all kumquats are tama tama. The imposed criteria deem that only sweet and large kumquats with 16% sugar content and a diameter of 2.8 centimeters or more can be considered tama tama. One unique feature is that a tama tama can be eaten in its entirety. Yes, that includes the skin. Keep an eye out at your local supermarket or department store food hall to nab a bag of Pokémon Vitamin C.

pokemon miyazaki kumquat

Miyazaki’s Favorite Pokemon

The English name for Tama Tama the Pokemon is Exeggcute, a Pokemon that resembles half a dozen eggs. It’s both Grass-type and Psychic-Type and is part of Generation I, the first batch of Pokemon to ever be released. As far as Pokemon go (there are currently over 1,000 of them), it’s quite an iconic one due to its highly unusual form. Even stranger is the fact that Exeggcute evolves into Exeggutor (known as Nassy in Japanese), which looks like a coconut tree. In 2020, Exeggutor was announced as Miyazaki Prefecture’s favorite Pokemon.

Located on the island of Kyushu, Miyazaki Prefecture is one of the top producers of fruit in Japan. Aside from kumquats, it is most famous for its mangoes, which are creamy, juicy and, above all, incredibly fragrant. Many cite Miyazaki’s warmer climate, longer hours of sunlight and increased rainfall as the reason for its abundance of produce. Strawberry and mandarin picking are also popular tourist activities you can participate in, depending on the season.

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