Harajuku’s Kawaii Monster Cafe, home for all things creepy yet cute, is marking its third anniversary this August, and in celebration, it’s holding a special anniversary fair from July 14.

From July 14 to September 2, you can get your hands on special treats like the Colorful Space Burger, complete with bright-blue buns, Space Food Dos Black, a curry with blue rice and green sauce, a cake called Space Cake Alien, and many more out-of-this-world items that must be seen to be believed.

But the food isn’t the only thing that looks like it’s from another world: just check out the interior, which includes four unique areas meant to represent the inside of a monster. Kawaii Monster Cafe’s staff also pack quite a visual impression.

Make your way to Harajuku to celebrate the third anniversary of this out-of-this-world cafe!

For more details, visit the official website or PR TIMES (Japanese only)