One: Now legendary as the suit that Michael Phelps wore to win his record-breaking eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, the Speedo LZR Racer series was developed over a three-year period with the input of over 400 swimmers, coaches and experts. It remains one of the most high-tech types of swimwear on the market, and is popular with athletes around the world.

Speedo stores, Men’s LZR Racer Elite Jammer, ¥23,100, Women’s ¥25,200 LZR Racer Elite one piece suit.

GogglesTwo: Goggles are an accessory normally associated with indoor pools, but they are equally useful for an outdoor swim, whether in fresh, chlorinated or salt water. This cutting edge version protects the eyes from not only the water but also the sun, with UV blocking mirrored lenses. Available in silver, pink and blue.

Speedo stores, ¥2,835.

bioFUSE power paddleThree: Specifically created to aid swimmer development, the curved shape of this ‘power paddle’ is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. The designers even claim that the device will build muscle tone by making swimmers work harder at the same time as improving stroke technique.

Speedo stores, bioFUSE power paddle, ¥3,465.

bioFUSE training finFour: Technology gives many athletes an edge, but for years water sports lagged behind land sports in innovation. These training fins give users a boost in the water, designed to increase propulsion while also strengthening leg muscles. They combine a soft foot pocket with a rigid fin design, and are equally suited to the pool and the sea.

Speedo stores, bioFUSE training fin, ¥7,245 and up.

Featured Products

Boat shoesThese boat shoes may be designed for yachting, but they look equally slick in town or on the beach. Water grip soles provide high traction on wet decks and drainage holes on the outsole allow water to escape, making them ideal for a variety of water-based activities.

Adidas stores, ¥6,900.

Rugged shoes for white water raftingThese rugged shoes were originally designed for one of the most hardcore water sports activities: white water rafting. The step down construction provides easy slip-on action, and they are recommended for use anywhere on or off land, from the campsite to the beach.

Adidas stores, ¥8,900.

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