one: Instant sophistication, without even trying. These beautiful stainless steel picks make the perfect accompaniment to appetizers. Use them with olives, pickles, cheese or fruits. A good gift to take to a friend’s dinner party or barbeque, and the German made stainless steel is tough and practical.

MoMA Store (, ¥2,480 for a set of four.

Metallic block by Josh Owen

two: This metallic block, designed by Josh Owen, will look cool in any bar, and is functional, too. Each side has a precisely measured indentation for pouring cocktails. Comes with a booklet of 20 recipes for the most popular drinks.

MoMA Store (, ¥3,990.

Candle lighter

three: To impress guests with your artistic flare, try lighting the barbecue with this sleek designer accessory. Made of stainless steel, this candle lighter works with the push of a button and is great for gas grills or outdoor lanterns.

MoMA Store (, ¥4,600.

Modular wine rack

four: This modular wine rack can expand, contract, and fold completely flat. The design fits into any space, including refrigerators. Each rack holds four bottles, and extra modules can be connected to make a compact yet sturdy rack, holding up to 48 bottles.

MoMA Store (, ¥2,940.

Stainless steel bottle opener

five: Designed by Steven Blaess in the shape of a sweeping figure eight, this stainless steel bottle opener is as elegant as it is practical. The curved metal is comfortable in the hand, and the compact shape allows for extra leverage, making opening bottles a cinch.

MoMA Store (, ¥3,360.

M-Pad covers

six: Most parties are incomplete without good music, but do you plug in an iPod, or let your friends dig through your music collection? These M-Pad covers will protect your precious future classics from accidents. The Japanese design also works with DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

MoMA Store (, ¥1,890.