It’s the beginning of a new year and the Tokyo Weekender team is looking forward to keeping true to our new year’s resolutions. A man that knows a lot about reinvention and renewal is our first cover star of 2024, Anton Wörmann. Successful model, influencer, content creator and housing renovation pioneer, he speaks to us about his new book Free Houses in Japan and his meteoric rise to fame. 

And for those seeking a bit of personal reinvention we have a travel and fitness piece on the beautiful and underrated prefecture of Kochi. Our travel coverage also includes trips to Himeji, Nagano, Niigata and Osaka. 

For fans of fashion, we focus on two of Japan’s most stylish brands, Lad Musician and Julius. In the world of Japanese entertainment there aren’t many bigger names than Takao Osawa and Shioli Kutsuna who speak to us about their fascinating lives in cinema. 

All of this in addition to our regular picks of what’s going on in the art and book worlds, the people that are innovating and stirring this great city of ours in the Voice of Tokyo pages and our top music picks. What a great issue to kick off 2024! 

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