An all-English community drama group, for and by kids, is presenting their latest play at a surprising venue. 

Tokyo Junior Playhouse opened their doors in 2012, marking their first public performance at the Setagaya ward’s “International Friendship Meeting” last November. The troupe is composed of kids coming from different cultural backgrounds, gathering weekly to participate in series of drama workshops. 

Their latest number is a children’s play named “Humble, Simple and Sincere”, which they’ll present on the outside stage of the Shibuya Konno Shrine – what better venue than a traditional shrine in the midst of the city? Based on a story from Kunio Yanagida’s “Tohno Monogatari”, the play was adapted into English and even features an original song written especially for the play.

A total of 13 children of multi-national backgrounds will act and sing in this traditional fairy tale that once happened in rural Japan, which should be a magical experience and a special glimpse into the Meiji era. An excellent Saturday family outing, and if your youngsters suddenly take an interest in performing arts, take note that Saturday afternoon drama meetings are held weekly in the Shibuya and Setagaya areas.

For more information, please visit this page.

Tokyo Junior Playhouse

When: Saturday June 22nd, 15:00

Where: Shibuya Konno Shrine (see map)

How much: Free

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