We love it when practical gets a makeover and is introduced to the world of stylish and girly! The latest in audio gear, IDEA’s Micro Gem headphones move away from the big and the bulky to provide us with these handbag friendly—and uber cute—ear pieces. Not only are they ultra lightweight, the teeny tiny speakers sit comfortably and snugly just inside your ear, meaning they will be hard pressed to fall out for even the most active and frantic shopper.  Oh and I can’t lie,  the accessory factor is a plus too.  Hello cute headband!

Micro-Gem-4Available in S, M & L, as well as a range of colors including metallic pink and orange, the Micro Gem gift bag packaging adds to the appeal, making these headphones a great Christmas present or stocking filler. Priced at ¥2,100 from Idea Digital Studio, Midtown.