TeamLab Planets is a temporary museum which displays the collective’s signature digital art, in which visitors are offered an immersive experience for all sense. It has attracted more than 500,000 people since its opening in July this year. Now, the museum has launched its new seasonal piece, entitled “Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the dance of Koi and People – Infinity.” When the interactive koi carp bump into people, they change into autumn flowers and then scatter. The autumn exhibition ends December 3.

In addition, from November, TeamLab Planets will be decorated with Christmas lights.

When you get hungry, head to the museum’s cashless restaurant, The Bowl Steakhouse, which offers new meals such as curry, rice balls and more, in addition to aged beef steak. The restaurant is now open for lunch.

Tickets for November and December are on sale now.

For more information, visit the official site or PR TIMES (Japanese only)