Hailing from the city of Nihonmatsu in Fukushima, tarinzaki is a cultivation method in which over a thousand chrysanthemum flowers bloom from a single stem, creating what looks like a virtual planet of chrysanthemums.

Since 2016, Nihonmatsu has been seeking ways to use their chrysanthemum flowers in new and interesting ways. That led to this art project, “Planet of Mum,” a blend of traditional Nihonmatsu arts and crafts and modern sensibilities.

The project will be exhibited at Designart 2017 from October 16 to 22 on the 5th floor of Shibuya Modi. Meanwhile, another tarinzaki piece will also be displayed at restaurant Aquavit in Aoyama for a limited time.

Finally, the city of Nihonmatsu itself will hold a flower-weaving event November 4 and 5, where visitors will get the chance of have their hair decorated with chrysanthemums.

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