by Melissa Forester

one: Simplify your space with the atomic walnut Muji wall clock. The accented grains give it an aged feel that will warm up any room, making it an excellent choice for offices that want to steer clear of cold metal and plastic options. Muji (, ¥6,890.

two: The simplistic design of these ceramic clocks by CIBONE integrates easily into any space, whether it be in the office or home. They can function on a desk or book shelf, or even hang on a wall, and are available in two different variations on the classic black and white theme. Living Motif (, ¥9,345.

Ceramic clocks by CIBONEthree: This life-size clock, made of steel and die cast, is a modern reproduction of an antique watch design. The original clocks would have been displayed at public places, such as train stations and city office buildings, in Northern England. Halo (, ¥250,000.

Life-size clock in Halo store

four: Produced by Canvas Works, this clock is embedded into a canvas painting of a cityscape, making the perfect piece of decorative yet functional art to accent any modern decor. Living Motif (, ¥16,800.

Clock by Canvas Works

five: Keep in time with loved ones around the world with these handy timepieces from Atop. Twelve cities are printed on the outer ring of the clocks, and a world map decorates the outer framing. They are also small and packable for easy travelling. Living Motif (, ¥7,875.

Handy clock from Atopsix: This clock makes a great multi-functional addition to a bedside table. It is equipped with an alarm, and can also be connected to an MP3 player and used as a portable stereo. Living Motif (, ¥12,600.

Multi-functional clock