The only thing that stands between us and this amazing looking Christmas present, is time. It’s not released until February.

Meet the kite that flies itself, with an in-built fan, meaning we can stay home and fly a kite. (Apologies…)

Home Kite

Let’s stay fly a kite… (Photo: Nikkei)

Joking aside, one thing we particularly like about this (there had been a question as to whether in this age of eco-awareness we needed to be focusing on harnessing wind rather than artificially producing it…) is that it does not need batteries.

Crank your hand around a generator in the ‘controller’ – exercise, too! – and the fan/propeller will enable your new toy to hover at a death-defying 150cm above you.

The Home Kite, from Japanese toy giant, Tomy, will cost around ¥3,000, according to a release today but there is no word yet on what the “four different styles” on offer will bring.

We’re hoping for a battle mode version with which you can attack your friends or family as they vie for airspace in the living room.

What next? Which outdoor pursuits would you like to see in the living room? Or what do you like doing outside that most people would stay behind closed doors for…?

Source: Nikkei