As a part of Muji’s ongoing exhibition entitled “Mingei -Another Kind of Art,” a new chapter, called “Mingu,” is set to take place from December 14 to January 14, 2019, at Roppongi’s 21_21 Design Sight.

Here’s how Muji describes the exhibition:

Mingu is a term coined by Keizo Shibusawa in the early Showa Period. It refers to objects that for a long time have been part of the everyday lives of the common people. They are driven by necessity; formed from wisdom and ingenuity. Always within reach and never used in vain, such objects form the everyday landscape of a Japan that coexisted with nature. Massive changes in the manufacturing industry allowed new materials to be developed one after another, and as technologies evolved everyday items have also diversified. Meanwhile, from the perspective of a consumer as well as a user, we re-examined the origins of products. This led to the birth of Muji. With this in mind, can Muji products also be considered as the mingu of today? With both mingu and Muji products on display at this exhibition, we invite you to think about the meaning of this question with us.

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