by Melissa Forester

one: A shelf famous for its wobble? While perhaps not the best item for an earthquake-prone country, the ES has a certain character to it that can even make it seem alive at times. It moves around and wobbles as you put different items on it, and can be used to store anything from clothes to books. Trico International (, ¥73,500.

Float bed in Max Longin

two: Max Longin, a German mathematician living and working in Denmark, designed this ‘float bed’ in 2004. It is a great combination of Western urban style and a minimalist Japanese futon. The metal legs give it the ability to adjust to movement, and then settle to give you the best sleep. Max Longin (, ¥720,000–¥860,000.

Thonet S285

three: Looking for a way to organize and modernize your office space? Look no further! The Thonet S285, designed by Marcel Breuer, is simple and stylish yet features six storage drawers and a large working space. Aidec (, ¥906,150.

Armchair by Jehs & Laub

four: This sleek yet cushy armchair was designed by Jehs & Laub in 2001. An elegant take on the everyday easy chair, it is equally apt for quiet nights with family and memorable times entertaining friends. Available in walnut, oak or maple veneered moulded plywood. Aidec (, ¥748,650–¥1,006,950.

Decoration by Eagle Products

five: Decoration is all in the details. With the chilly winter on its way, add a splash of color and warmth to your furniture with a soft, cozy blanket. This throw by Eagle Products is made of 100 percent superfine ribbed lambs wool. Eagle Products (, ¥31,000.

Chair in Max Longin

six: Available in sixteen different designs, each model of this metal and wood chair is slightly different from the next. Whether you are looking for a dining chair, living room furniture, or a series for an office, the stream chair is a perfect modern design solution. Max Longin (, ¥290,000.