Even dog fans have to admit that cats are at least in the running for “cutest thing on the planet.”

As anyone on the internet knows, the Japanese are masters of the kawaii, and photo books of cats are always a big hit in Japan. That’s not to mention all the cat cafes and the shops dedicated to the furry little animals that dot the country.

What makes cats so cute, anyway? It’s a tough one, but we’d have to put their paws pretty high on the list. So would the creators of this book, it seems, who have devoted an entire 88 pages to paws alone.

The book, titled simply Neko no Otete (“Cats’ Paws”) features over 40 cats and their creampuff-looking paws. But enough from us: just look at these cuties.





Available for purchase from February 9 for ¥920 yen plus tax, Neko no Otete also describes the unique behavior of cats alongside a huge collection of adorable images. To paw through more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only).