Welcome to the third edition of Made in Japan, sister magazine to Tokyo Weekender, which has been keeping Tokyoites informed and entertained since 1970. This edition is devoted to art and its ability to ignite emotions and change perceptions. We’ve titled the sections after the five senses — sight, sound, scent, taste and touch — to acknowledge the effect art can have on our physical selves. Don’t miss the special section devoted to women in art that highlights seven talented creators in Japan.

Kickstart your sensory experience through the kaleidoscope of Japan’s traditional colors. You’ll find a vast array of shades viewable online on the Nippon Colors website and on the app Nippon Colors. Many take their name from flora and fauna, adding a deeper significance to their meanings and usage in kimono, literature and crafts.

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The Art Issue is the third edition of Made in Japan. If this is your first time coming across this special issue, you can browse the first and second editions: