Japan is a country which revels in innovation and cutting-edge technology but concurrently manages to preserve its rich and humane connection to tradition. From the freezing landscapes of Hokkaido in the north to the mega cities in Honshu down towards the sub-tropical islands of Okinawa in the south, Japan brims with artistry and craftsmanship. Made in Japan is a brief catalog of some of the cultural delights to be found in the country ranging from its renowned and distinctive cuisine and festivals to its love and appreciation of nature and attempt to mold and steer its towns and cities towards an incorporation of Sustainable Development Goals. We also take a closer look, in Made in Japan, at traditional glassmaking, tortoiseshell weaving, pottery and the country’s obsession with onsen or hot springs which can be found all over the country including family-friendly, quirky, entertaining and luxurious options. 

Japan can be, in some ways, an unknowable country with centuries-old traditions, a complex language, labyrinthine cities and intricate layers of social etiquette. Paradoxically, it is also open, friendly, generous and appreciative of those who take the time to learn and study its history and culture. It’s a country worth getting to know and as you spend time here, either as a visitor or resident, it quickly becomes apparent that down every backstreet you are able to find amazing people who deal in industries and niches that were previously unknown to you.

Made in Japan, then, is a window into a curated selection of intriguing and often undocumented cultures which can all be found and appreciated in the country. Navigating Japan and its fascination with food, history and artistry, can sometimes feel akin to an architectural dig, removing layers and nuances to be met with even more levels and depth resembling something like a cultural mille-feuille. With Made in Japan, we are delighted to have done the digging and excavating for you, leaving you with a glimpse into a deeper Japan, a more profound Japan and a nation which continues to dazzle, inspire and innovate. 

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