by Melissa Forester

For decades Germany has been revered for its expertise in design and engineering, and furniture design is one area in which the country has excelled. German-designed furniture is especially known for its functionality in small living spaces, coupled with clean lines and a modern sensibility. Take a look at some of the country’s standouts that are available for purchase right here in Tokyo.


The Gespanntes Regal was designed by Wolfgang Laubersheimer and has been a popular product in the Moormann line for a decade and a half. The simple curved shelf design makes use of vertical space and is held together with a steel cable, providing an aesthetically pleasing look and stability at the same time. Trico International (, ¥472,500.

Dresscode by Jörg Boner


Lacking closet space? The Dresscode, designed by Jörg Boner and winner of several design awards, offers the perfect solution. It hides away excess clothing,books, or other necessities, and can be turned and moved easily. It can even function as a room divider, and is available in a variety of colors to accent any decor. Trico International (, ¥336,000.

Conseta table by Friedrich W. Möller

Friedrich W. Möller was a professional cabinet maker before he made a foray into furniture. He designed the Conseta table for COR in 1963, and the piece has been in production ever since. Perfect for Japanese-style homes and apartments, the table is compact and low to the floor, yet with a stylishly modern sensibility. AIDEC (, ¥189,000–¥226,800.

Arthe sofa by Wulf Schneider


The Arthe sofa, designed by Wulf Schneider, is a modern take on the every day living room sofa, and comes in a variety of sizes to fit any space. The depth of the seat is easily adjustable and features a floating back and arm rest. Available in a variety of colors and fabrics to suit any taste.
AIDEC (, ¥632,100–¥968,100.

Chair by Peter Maly


Designed by Peter Maly for German company COR, this comfortable chair is the perfect accessory for any living area, however small or large. It comes with a lumbar spinal pillow which provides extra support, and the matching stool sits on a rotating stand of polished or lacquered aluminum. AIDEC (, ¥460,950–¥760,200.

Quirky shelf

This quirky shelf provides a fun way to store books, files, DVDs, and other miscellaneous goods. The piece features six various-sized wooden boxes that can be freely arranged on the central metal pole, which holds the shelf together. Removable casters mean you can change around the placement of the piece with your mood. Trico International (, ¥262,500.