Even with your eyes closed, it is hard to miss the hordes of Madfoot sneakers walking around Japan at the moment.  Especially popular with high school kids and university students, these brightly colored kicks are just about everywhere and are a fantastic way to put some spring into your step during the deliriously cold, winter days we have been experiencing recently.

Be warned, your head does start to spin when you look at so many pairs of Madfoots and their colors, neons and combinations for more than 5 seconds, so bring your sunglasses to avert some of that brightness!  Madfoots will set you back between ¥5,000 to ¥10,000 which seems pretty decent and I like the fact that Madfoot is a Japanese brand.  A great way to liven up an outfit and make a bold statement –– along with the 20 million other people in Japan wearing them!

– Liz