Tsukiji Hongwanji, a Buddhist temple located near Tsukiji Market, was founded in 1617, and to celebrate its 400th, the temple is getting a modern makeover to become an “open temple” that appeals to all.

November 8 saw the opening of a new information center and joint cemetery complex for use to all visitors, not only temple monks. The temple is also launching what they call the “Tera to Project,” (“tera” meaning “temple” in Japanese), which puts visitors in touch with experts on spirituality and adds value to the community.

There are also plans for the new information center to host a cafe based around the concept of “wa.” The cafe will be serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even alcoholic beverages, letting visitors enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable time while looking at the main hall of the temple. The center will also house a book center with one of the largest collections of books on Buddhism in the Kanto region, and a shop with merchandise related to the temple.

This temple may be 400 years old, but it’s anything but old-fashioned.

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