For a look at one of Japan’s most unique festivals, head to Odawara. That’s where the 27th Odawara Lantern Summer Festival is set to take place this July 28 and 29.

Organized by the Odawara Tourist Association, the event takes place in Odawara Castle Park, and, as the name implies, features the city’s famous traditional lanterns. These lanterns were once sold to travelers on the old Tokaido road during the Edo period. They’re characterized by their bellows-like shape that made them easy for travelers to carry.

Some events that will take place during the festival include an art fair, where lanterns decorated by local elementary school children will light up the moat of the castle, and a chance to experience making your own lantern.

Those are just a few of the exciting lantern-themed activities at this long-running festival. With Odawara a quick trip from Tokyo, this is an event well worth checking out.

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