by Kevin Jungnitsch

The experience of enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee at an authentic Italian café is one that spurs relaxation and peace of mind. However, many business professionals do not have the luxury of time to incorporate such a visit into their daily routine. Coca-Cola and Italian coffee company Illy’s collaboration line of ready-made coffees, called illy issimo, provides the taste of freshly-brewed coffee in the convenience of a can.

The ready-to-drink illy issimo coffee line debuted in Tokyo last year, enabling coffee connoisseurs to bring their favorite blended drinks wherever their busy days may take them. The limited scale launch was well received, and as of mid-April this year the brand expanded the availability to other parts of the Kanto region. For this, the lineup was revamped and now includes a new flavor that has coffee purists scrambling to find a can. The product, called simply ‘Italian Caffè,’ is an unsweetened black coffee—a blend created at the request of numerous consumers. Illy also released a practical Illy issimo Latte Macchiato160g can for its revamped latte macchiato flavor, with the company’s iconic red color gracing the can’s lid.

Illy issimo stands a level above other ready-to-drink coffees as a premium product that delivers the full coffee taste and Illy experience. All the drinks use the finest quality ingredients and 100% Arabica beans, the same ones used for the Illy coffee sold at cafés in Italy and across the globe. The drinks encompass the brand’s values and what it is known for: the authentic Italian taste. Illy’s espresso brewing expertise is evident from the moment you open the drink. The fresh aroma scent of roasted espresso beans stimulates the senses and imagination the same way a freshly-brewed cup does, but this is a refreshment that can be enjoyed on the go at any time of day.

Illy Coffee’s beginnings date back to 1933 in the city of Trieste, Italy. With decades of experience and accomplishments, the brand has gained the support of renowned chefs and baristas in both Italy and around the world. The illy issimo canned coffee line offers a convenient way of enjoying the delicious taste of Italian espresso, uplifting the senses and adding a touch of luxury to everyday life.

Available at select supermarkets, convenience stores and vending machines, ¥190 for the 190g bottle can, and ¥150 for the 160g can.

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