Sunshine Aquarium is set to hold its third event in collaboration with Hirofumi Gomi, a haunted house producer, between September 27 and November 4. The last two events, which gave visitors a new and unique way to experience horror, attracted over 50,000 people.

The script this time, written by Gomi, concerns the Shichinin Misaki, a group of seven ghosts. Spooky takles of the Shichinin Misaki have long existed in the Shikoku and Chugoku regions. Misakis are ghosts that show up in wet places such as seas and rivers, and always number seven. When someone is scared to death by one of the Misakis, the others can rest in peace.

The Sunshine Aquarium event tells the tale of Shoko, who guards the burial mound of a group of Misakis. Shoko breaks a rule handed down from ancient times, and is thereafter treated poorly by people in her village. Eventually, she destroys the mound and kills herself, becoming a Misaki. She scares other women to death one after another, but the number of Misakis remains at six. For Shoko to rest in peace, she needs another person to die—so she comes to the aquarium to look for her seventh target.

During the event, the aquarium’s Kanaloa Cafe offers some horrifying dishes such as spaghetti with black meat sauce topped with four fingers, eyeball jelly and more. Original items are also available from the souvenir shop.

Price: ¥2200 for entering aquarium from 6:30pm-8pm, ¥1900 for entering from 8:30pm-9pm