I love it when you go someplace expecting nothing and come away with something so weird and surprising that you can’t help telling all your friends about it. At a fashion event in Tokyo a few months ago all attendees were given gift bags full of girly product promotions upon exiting the venue. For the most part the bags were filled with flyers, coupons, catalogs and stickers advertising fashion brands, beauty products, cosmetics, girly films and TV shows, etc. But there were two goodies that stood out from the rest. This first was the Qbit Placenta 10,000 drink shown at left. The package showed an illustration of a sexy blond girl, seemingly implying that if you drink the gelatinous substance, you too will become sexy and blond. I was curious about the ‘Placenta 10,000,’ so I did a bit of digging online, and found out that the drink is made with…wait for it…10,000mg of PIG PLACENTA!! Naturally, I told everyone I knew about this, and most were quite understandably disgusted.

However…our resident Brazilian, Ricardo, had no fear. Shortly after taking the photo you see, he took a long swig of the stuff. His reaction? “Fruity!” Only in Japan…

The same goody bag also contained the ‘foot masks’ below. They come in two parts: a liquid that you rub on your feet, and plastic bootie-style socks that you put over said liquid in order for it to better penetrate the skin of your feet. The supposed result is soft, smooth, kissable footsies! Just what every girl needs before a winter beach getaway or the start of sandal season… Happy holidays!