one: The iconic ‘We are happy to serve you’ New York coffee cup comes to Japan. The paper cup, of which 180 million are used each year, has been re-imagined as an eco-conscious ceramic piece by design collective Exceptionlab. Taken out of its Manhattan context, this stylishly retro cup is sure to garner a few second-glances around town.

MoMA Store (, ¥2,415.

Double rainbow maker

two: Solar power is used to spin two genuine Swarovski crystals in opposite directions, casting wonderful colors from this ‘double rainbow maker.’ A suction cup makes for easy window mounting, perfect for brightening those spring days.

MoMA Store (, ¥3,990.

MoMA totes

three: Totes a so ubiquitous theses days that they are rapidly replacing the plastic bag as the shoppers’ choice. Make sure you choose one that lives up to its environmental promise. This designer bag uses the high-tech material Tyvek, which is lighter than paper, durable and waterproof. It also folds up into a neat little package, making it an ideal gift.

MoMA Store (, ¥1,200.

'Niigata Meister' gardening scissors

four: These ‘Niigata Meister’ gardening scissors feature thought-out design that enables both left-handed and right-handed ease of use. Modeled after the tools used by professional florists, these shears feature a fluorine resin blade that has outstanding durability and is easy to clean, so you’ll be planting and trimming with them for years.

MoMA Store (, ¥2,572.

Tea towel

five: A kitchen essential, this cute tea towel is available in two colors. Made from natural US linen and stamped with a design of retro tea kettles, it’s sure to liven up any kitchen and will last longer than the cheap, flimsy variety sold at supermarkets and ¥100 shops. Machine washable.

MoMA Store (, ¥2,300.

six: This quirky product looks like an oversized egg, but crack open the hand-made ceramic shell to reveal a tiny, ready-to-plant garden, complete with mint and basil seeds. Now even the tiniest of Tokyo apartments can enjoy fresh and healthy herbs all year round—just add water!

MoMA Store (, ¥1,218.

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Photos courtesy of the MoMA Store