Serving as the top-notch location for our November 2019 magazine cover shoot, GINZA SIX offers up not only quality shopping, cuisine and city views, but also a brand-new art installation and related products to celebrate the festive season.

Since opening in April 2017, GINZA SIX has dazzled with their imaginative central atrium art installations and Christmas decorations, and this festive season they are staying firmly on brand. From November 5, the luxury retail facility unveiled a new artwork, created under the theme of “Celebration of Life in the Astral Sea.”

With a concept dreamed up by Finnish artist Klaus Haapaniemi, the central atrium of GINZA SIX has been transformed into an “astral sea” with lightning whales (a creature of Haapaniemi’s own design) flying high over the heads of customers, traveling through a fantastical world that is beyond the realms of time and space. Additional art by Haapaniemi surrounds the whales on giant tapestries.

This majestic piece will be proudly displayed in the center of the store through to February 2020. Although there is no rush to catch a glimpse of the installation, the same can’t be said of the Christmas items based off this art project, which will be on sale until December 25.

Before one dives into the depths of the astral sea to frolic with the whales, the shallows should first be passed. At the entrance of GINZA SIX sits a single astral swan, perched majestically on its own patch of “ocean” to welcome arriving guests. Those captivated by the works of Haapaniemi should make their way down to the B2F, where more of his art can be viewed including an astral sea turtle, grasshoppers and other sea creatures.

To add to the festive spirit, the store will host their own Christmas illumination event at the rooftop garden daily between sunset and 11pm – go early to avoid the lines. Open to the public from November 26 through to February 24, 2020, this special light show, called Rooftop Star Garden, is set to become part of the GINZA SIX Christmas tradition. The illuminations capture the pure essence of the night sky to create a breathtakingly unique Christmas light experience for all.

Rooftop Star Garden | Image for illustrative purposes only

Rooftop Star Garden | Image for illustrative purposes only

Our Top 3 GINZA SIX Christmas Gift Picks

From arty items inspired by the central atrium installation to the store’s own Christmas range, GINZA SIX is our top spot for luxe gifts.

The elegant astral swan, seemingly floating in space, makes an appearance on this handkerchief, the perfect accessory for any outfit. As elegant as the swans are, the lightning whales, astral sea turtle as well as other Haapaniemi designs are also available. ¥1,800

Beads Brooch
Inspired by the designs of Klaus Haapaniemi and crafted by Keiji Tagawa, this bead brooch is made with only the highest quality materials including beads, sequins and gold moldings. ¥11,000

Kohaku Fruitbar Celebration of Life
These delicious, colorful fruitbar treats from Paletas make for the perfect little something for that extra special sweet tooth in your life. ¥1,800

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Top image: © 2019 Klaus Haapaniemi. All Rights Reserved. Rights Management: BLUE FOLIO INC.