“Balitz” (above) is what happens when trendy French designers market a rustic Indonesian beach trend, the neon colored scarfs are “light and fluid—for both women and men, on the sand or on your shoulders” the indispensable accessory for this summer, all the rage at the moment and will be seen on every beach around Asia this summer

Nike’s Free Run+ 2 running shoes are ipod enabled, allowing wearers to track distance, pace, time and calories burned in real time. The teal/orange design owes its intricate design makeup to the complex anatomy of the human foot. All of the material choices and pattern overlays are based on those found within the structure of the human foot, serving as a “barebones exoskeleton” for runners.


Fauchon’s new “Éclair Rainbow”
With all this keep-fit, you need to take some time out to relax with a summery snack, Fauchon’s new “Éclair Rainbow” will be available until August 31st, the vivid colors match the vanilla and violet cream inside (¥525). Fauchon Boutique in Takashimaya stores. (Nihonbashi, Shinjyuku, Yokohama)

www. fauchon.com