Eight Japanese musical acts of various genres will take the stage on YouTube this weekend in an unprecedented live-stream experience aired from Tokyo to the world. It’s an exclusive opportunity to catch some of Japan’s most notable up-and-coming artists performing live, in a time when live houses are shuttered and many of us still have to stay home. This four-hour extravaganza features a cornucopia of different genres working together to bring the world together through music.

The event is free, but making a donation to support the artists and technicians involved is appreciated. They have had to cancel shows all spring and summer due to Covid-19 and will likely not be able to perform live at venues for some time to come.

Read on to find out the details of this amazing show.

“From Japan to the World”: The Lineup

Kan Sano (Jazz)

Multitalented composer and producer Kan Sano is proficient in drums, bass, keyboard, and trumpet and likely more — he just doesn’t want to toot his own horn. His style ranges from jazz and soul to hip-hop and electro-pop; often in the same song. 

THREE1989 (City Pop)

While Three1989 may have gotten a boost in international recognition through vocalist Shohey Uemura’s appearance on Terrace House Opening New Doors, the band’s chill beats are the perfect summer soundtrack whether you’re chilling at the beach or on the balcony at home. For more on this playful pop trio, check out this interview and catch our 10-in-10 challenge with the band here

Akkogorilla (Hip-hop)

Akkogorilla is an outspoken rapper and singer who talks about the freedom to stand up against heteronormative constructions and other social biases. She has collaborated with Yayoi Daimon (another From Japan to the World performer) as well as across genres with punk band SiM with their song “Sand Castle.” 

Yayoi Daimon ft. Kenta Ebara (Trap)

Yayoi Daimon, well known for her twerk anthem “Ketsufure that went viral on Twitter a while back, will be providing with an exclusive performance featuring award-winning guitarist Kenta Ebara. Her strong feminist message is clear through her sassy lyrics, creative videos and addictive beats.

Michael Kaneko (Pop)

Michael Kaneko was born in Tokyo but raised in California, and fuses both worlds seamlessly with his laid-back tunes and Jack Johnson-reminiscent voice. His talents aren’t limited to music — not only has he appeared some of Japan’s most famous festivals; he has played the reporter role and interviewed several international artists at Summer Sonic.

Rhyme So (Rhyme x Shinichi Osawa) (Dance)

This collaboration between music producer artist Shinichi Osawa (the man behind Mondo Grosso) and Rhyme, describes their music as “soft rave and alternative mix” and honestly, that sounds about right. One glance at Rhyme So’s amazing breakout tune “Fashion Blogger” featuring American drag queen Milk says it all:

Shingo Sekiguchi (Jazz)

Guitarist, composer and producer Shingo Sekiguchi does most of his recording and mixing himself, combining jazz with hip-hop beats and a bit of soul. He has worked with Chara, Aimyong and other major Japanese pop artists. Check out his YouTube channel for a regular slew of chill guitar playing videos.

Yuhei Miura (Chillhop)

Up-and-coming beatmaker Yuhei Miura is often inspired by the nature that surrounds him in his native Gunma Prefecture. He has worked with renowned guitarist Kazuki Isogai as well as Shohey Uemura from Three1989, another From Japan to the World performer.

The Deets

The event takes place on Spincoaster’s YouTube channel on the following dates:

Live stream: Saturday, June 13, 7pm (JST) / 12pm (CET)
Rebroadcast: Sunday, June 14, 9am (JST) / 5pm (PDT) / 7pm (CDT) 

The show is approximately 4 hours long.

For more info, see the From Japan to the World official website.