2024 is the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese Zodiac. In Japan, we entered the Dragon Year on January 1, but in Chinese tradition, it starts from the Lunar New Year, which falls on February 10, 2024. The dragon is the most revered Chinese Zodiac animal, symbolizing power and prosperity. In fact, every 12 years in the Year of the Dragon, there is a mini baby boom in China as would-be-parents hope for an auspicious start. There are many depictions of the mythical creature, but the excitement hits boiling point in its Zodiac year. In 2024, among all the dragon-themed items, the new Doc Martens footwear caught our eye.

doc martens dragon shoe

Doc Martens Year of the Dragon 8-Hole Boots

These limited-edition 8-hole boots take the classic Doc Martens footwear and add a touch of red and gold — the colors of the dragon. Doc Martens’ signature yellow stitching is made red, with the inside of the boot and the tags at the back in red as well. The focal point is the gold metal plate with an engraved image of a dragon on the toe. The eyelets and aglets are gold too and there’s a shoe charm engraved with the Chinese character for dragon.

doc martens dragon shoe

Doc Martens Year of the Dragon Loafers

The other dragon design is a bit more subtle. The Adrian Loafer has a similar use of red accent — red lining inside, red stitching and red edges. The main decorative element is a pair of tassels with gold clasps to bring in the gold element.

Both designs were released on January 5, 2024, and are available in Doc Martens stores across Japan, as well as via the official online shop. The boots cost ¥33,000 while the tassel loafers go for ¥29,700.

These are limited-time and in limited quantities, so best to grab a lucky pair sooner rather than later.

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