To celebrate their eighth anniversary, NUA Japan is giving one lucky winner the chance to receive a full year of free facials. To find out more about the treatments you can win, Weekender went along to try out NUA’s new IonActive Power Treatment facial.

“It’s part relaxing, part powerful,” says NUA founder Nicola Aquino, who introduced this new Dermalogica treatment to her salon menu in December. “Essentially, it’s a combination of Dermalogica’s three most powerful products – for acne, pigmentation, and anti-aging – and we use different technology to ensure these penetrate the skin more effectively.”

The key difference between the products used in the IonActive Power Treatment – as well as any of the facials on offer at NUA – is that the ingredients are far stronger than in the products you might be buying from the shelf. The 45-minute facial can be customized to suit your needs, and for our treatment we chose the anti-aging option, which incorporates a serum that’s packed with hyaluronic acid – a molecule that helps your skin to retain moisture and become more resistant to lines and wrinkles. It felt a little tingly when applied, but this, our salon therapist assured us, only meant it was working its magic.

There are a couple of machines used in the facial, including the galvanic, which uses an electric current to drive active ingredients deeper into your skin (making things feel even more tingly!), and the Peltier, which has warm and cold settings, and is used to massage the skin to increase blood flow – adding to that radiant glow you’ll be left with after the treatment.


The Peltier machine helps to increase blood flow to the skin

Aside from the IonActive Power Treatment, which falls into the “results-driven” category, NUA has a range of facials to choose from. “For a more relaxing treatment, I’d recommend either the 60-minute or 90-minute Dermalogica facials,” says Aquino. “If you’re looking for a deeper cleanse, then go for the longer session.” There’s also an IPL Photocare Facial, which uses light to increase collagen production and is excellent for anti-aging.

And how many facials do you need to see visible results? “Many people say they can already start to see a change in their skin after just one IonActive Power Treatment,” she says, “But we always recommend a series of three to six facials for optimal results.”

All the more reason to enter the competition…

How to Win a Year’s Worth of Facials at NUA Japan

Simply book a facial at NUA’s Omotesando or Hiroo branches between March 21 and August 31, 2017, and you will automatically be entered into the draw to win a year’s worth of treatments. Each facial booked counts as one entry, so the more treatments you book, the more chances you’ll have of winning.

Also, follow NUA Japan on Facebook and Instagram for additional entries. Each social media platform counts as an additional entry, so follow them on both for more chances of winning!

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