A fresh start is something everyone can use in 2021 after a year of remote work and oodles of hours spent staying at home. To contribute their support, Japanese fashion brands are focusing on more comfortable but still stylish clothes. Say goodbye to heavy coats, and welcome the light and delicate materials to embrace the warm weather and the start of a new you. These pieces will help complete your spring transformation.

1. Comfy in Cashmere

Dress by ADAWAS

Super soft and light, a cashmere long dress is perfect to wear either at home or to meet with close friends. Simple designs match easily with other clothes, such as a light spring outer. Choose a color based on your personality color – this light grey brightens a healthy complexion for the summer type.

2. Cool & Casual

All clothes by ADAWAS

A long button-front shirt is a fun way to keep cool, casual and relaxed in your daily life routine. It can be worn open like an outer, and you can pair it with wide-leg or pegged pants. When you wear it buttoned up, like your normal long shirt, skinny jeans are the best match. 

3. Easy as Spring

Top & bottom set by ADAWAS

Everyone needs a top and bottom set for nature outings this spring and summer. We can just put them on and look great. Instead of spending too much time choosing clothes, enjoy your time feeling the breeze of the season. Top and bottom sets can be worn separately allowing more options for styling. 

4. Fun in the Sun

Poncho by ADAWAS

Ponchos are always in style and essentially timeless. It is also perfect to wear through spring and summer, especially when you get out into nature – it really keeps you warm and cozy. Moreover, it looks great just by slipping it on. 

Meet Our Style Expert

Shoi Sapeta is the founder and chief stylist of XYI Style Creation as well as an influencer working with Japanese fashion brands. XYI collaborates with different stylists and Japanese brands to offer efficient and effective styling services for daily life or special occasions. More info at www.xyi-style.com