“TW Local Style Profile” is Tokyo Weekender series introducing Tokyo-based designers and trendsetters. Find out what inspires their style and where they love to shop in the city. For our latest edition, we chatted with Akihito Kumura, founder and designer of LOKITHO.

Akihiko Kimura

My Clothing Brand Is…

The LOKITHO brand was established in 2010, introducing an elegant collection that makes full use of Japanese technology under the concept, “clothes for self-assured women.” Regardless of age or fashion style, we want independent women to wear the brand. To this end we strive for high-quality sewing using only high-quality materials. We are always proposing fresh designs while staying in touch with the current trends. Currently, as the concept suggests, LOKITHO is patronized by customers of all ages, from their 20s to 60s.

Tokyo Fashion Is…

Tokyo is a blend of all types of genres. New styles with a high degree of freedom are born every day, even from a global perspective. I think it’s a wonderful culture that deserves attention.

My Top Places to Shop and Eat in Tokyo Are…

Brackets: A secondhand clothing store in Shoto, Shibuya, where you can find rare secondhand clothing from various genres, so you can study design while you shop.

Chatei Hatou: An authentic coffee shop in the center of Shibuya, Hatou is a shop with beautiful interiors and cups, as well as coffee with nice taste.

Divka: This is a new Divka atelier in Gotanda that opened in a vintage, 50-year-old building. The owner collects pottery, antique furniture, miscellaneous goods, etc. It’s like being in Paris.

Find more information about LOKITHO at the brand’s official website or follow them on Instagram @lokitho_tokyo