We were on the upper floor of the Yoyogi National Gymnasium when the clock yelled four.

That’s right, yelled. One level up from the floor, a member of the staff who was standing in front of a large wooden clock, and holding a large wooden clock hand, hollered out four times.

That was the vibe of the rooms28 show, sponsored by the fashion and lifestyle powerhouse H.P. France, which took over the Gymnasium for a few days in February. A showcase for designers, clothing labels, and craft workers from Japan and abroad, the show was divided into several themed areas, and you could find anything there: handcrafted soap from Okinawa, a foldaway lightweight chabudai, a denim kimono, or handcrafted paper. Or you could get some tea from the cutest tea ceremony master we’ve ever seen. Live performances and art installations were on hand, and then—of course—there was always the live clock to look up to.

The first thing 28rooms reminded us of was Design Festa, but on a smaller scale, and with a more upscale clientele. It was a place for buyers to stock their stores, but private individuals were more than welcome. We’re already looking forward to their next show in the fall…

These were a few of the things that caught our eye as we roamed the floor at the show:

If you want to drop in on the next show, 29rooms, you’ll need to sign up in advance. For more information, visit the H.P.France site.