Keita Maruyama first dipped his toes into the world of fashion in the mid-Nineties. He quickly grew a loyal following and, in 2019, he’s known as one of the city’s top designers. Coinciding with the grand opening of Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, he was chosen to be the first to appear at the complex’s new pop-up store, 111-Ichiichiichi, where his collections will be available to browse for a limited time.

With the plan to renew the inventory and introduce a new featured designer every month, 111-Ichiichiichi aims to bring back excitement into your Shibuya shopping experience. The new complex opens on December 5, and takes us a step closer to the completion of the neighborhood’s redevelopment. Showing their dedication to contemporary style and local designers, Tokyu Plaza introduces their new concept by bringing in a beloved name in the world of fashion – in two different installments.

What will be “Salon de Maruyama” is based on the idea of Maruyama’s Aoyama select shop and features his signature kimono-inspired pieces as well as other inspiring brands handpicked by the designer. This first phase serves more as an introduction to Maruyama’s style and concepts, and will only run until December 16.

The pop-up’s second phase will focus on introducing four brands with their very own particularities and impeccable craftsmanship. Tara Blanca deals with embroidery inspired by the work from artisans in the Kashmir region of India. Jewelry brand Masaaki Takahashi showcases metalwork in detailed pieces. Hayama Shirt offers embroidered made-to-order shirts and Grant specializes in custom hand-sewn leather goods.

This new pop-up project and its exciting collaborations give fashion lovers much to look forward to, introducing the unique minds of various Japanese designers to an international audience as more and more travelers visit the city. Along with its partnering shopping complexes, Tokyu Plaza brings yet another way to discover Japanese fashion in a more accessible and interactive way.