Tokyo Sweets Collection is a quirky mashup of fashion and sweets – think wearable cakes, bonbons, desserts and all manner of sugary treats. The annual event, now in its fifth edition, invites top pâtissier chefs from all over Japan to create outfits based on their confectionery.

You can expect cupcake-clad models walking down the runway and the (steep) ticket price tag also, apparently, includes a lavish multi-course dessert extravaganza.

The fashion show combines senses and even different uses of technology to create something quite unique. In a country where desserts are given the utmost attention, it seems to make perfect sense that they’re turned into Japan’s main quirk, which is undoubtedly its fashion.

If pâtissiers can create the most intricate cakes, they sure can design equally scrumptious duds… Also, the website specifies that cakes cannot be taken away, so make sure you can handle several courses of sweets.

Tokyo Sweets Collection

When: March 9, 14:00/19:00

Where: Shinagawa Prince Hotel (see map)

How much: ¥8,000 (buy tickets here)

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