Located amongst the grandeur of Tokyo Station and Tokyo Central Post Office within Marunouchi’s high-end department store Kitte, the men’s tailor shop D’URBAN is a congenial space where the accommodating staff are ready and willing to drape samples of refined, sophisticated attire across your shoulders.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020, the men’s clothing store has scores of branches reaching from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Tokyo, where the first store opened in 1970, remains home base and the pioneering mindset has withstood the test of time, as D’URBAN suits and business attire have stayed at the forefront of new developments in men’s fashion and style.

Customer looks at D'URBAN men's suits

The Perfect Fit

At a recent fitting event, we had the opportunity to experience the customized service provided by D’URBAN’s expert tailors firsthand. Finding a suit that fits perfectly can be daunting for foreigners living in Tokyo. When buying suits off the rack at the typical men’s clothing store, they generally only measure the hems of the wrist and ankles, adjusting merely the length of the sleeves and pant legs.

The tailors at D’URBAN were keen to find out our special needs in order to hand-select a variety of suits for us to try on. They took time to measure every inch (or centimeter) of our torso and appendages so that our customized suit, made-to-order at the company’s factory in Kyushu, will fit perfectly around the thighs, waist and chest.

As for the suits themselves, which blend modern styles with a classic look, the conscientious and innovative craftmanship creates a garment that is comfortable within Tokyo’s unique and ever-changing environs. The high-quality materials are produced to withstand the high temperature and humidity of summer and the sturdy sewing, cutting and pressing techniques produce a suit that can withstand the rigors of Tokyo’s business culture.

Customer looks at D'URBAN men's suits Tokyo Weekender

A Strong First Impression

During our fitting, we had a chance to try on D’URBAN’s celebrated MONSOON collection, which was scientifically and sensibly developed as a summer suit made to withstand Tokyo’s temperamental summer weather while allowing for natural stretch.

The reputation of the D’URBAN brand is what attracted some of the other guests to the special fitting, and the overall quality and feel of the materials led to even more people to make a purchase. The guests were impressed with the variety, quality craftsmanship and accommodating staff, who were eager to meet the unique needs of their foreign customers.

In addition to a kimono-fitting session and the chance to handcraft our own traditional bamboo lamps, guests were treated to a free suit fitting. Guests expressed appreciation for the warm atmosphere and friendly staff. One guest enjoyed the fitting so well they made D’URBAN their first suit purchase ever.

Customer looks at D'URBAN men's suits Tokyo Weekender

Customer Loyalty

The name D’URBAN itself was chosen in 1970 to symbolize the lifetime of trust customers could have in this brand. Named for one for the ships that escorted the future King Edward VIII to Japan in 1922, D’URBAN made a name for itself early on by enlisting foreign luminaries such as French actor Alain Delon to appear in their commercials.

By the 1980s D’URBAN expanded overseas and established itself as a luxury brand known as the “coolest clothes in Japan.” In 1996, D’URBAN took their concept one step further by introducing the MONSOON collection, “super-cool clothes” that overcame contradictions by being soft and light while maintaining a firm shape.

D’URBAN’s loyalty to quality was honored by customers beginning in 2013 as the company took grand prize three consecutive years in the Japan textile industry’s largest award recognition.

Whether they are developing suits to match sneakers, or creating contemporary styles that look just as good on the junior executive as it does the company CEO, the tailors at D’URBAN constantly strive to create clothing that allows the wearer to give the proper impression, and feel confident in any situation they encounter.

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