Did you know that Friday, April 22 is Jelly Bean Day? Neither did we, but we do love how Thailand-born jewelry designer O Thongthai has collaborated with Jelly Belly Candy Co to celebrate the day.

She’s created a limited-edition capsule collection that’s inspired by the sweets and is set to be launched at GR8 Tokyo’s LaForet store in Harajuku on Friday evening. We asked the designer a few questions about the range…

What inspired the collaboration?
Jelly Belly was my favorite sweet as a kid. I love the variety of the flavors they offer – more than 50! For the range, I picked a few of my favorite flavors and turned them into jewelry. Some of the pieces are based on facts from Jelly Belly’s history, for example, the blueberry flavor was created for Ronald Reagan’s presidential inauguration in 1981 (over three tons of Jelly Belly beans were consumed during the festivities!). Also, Jelly Belly beans were the first jelly beans in outer space when President Reagan sent them on the 1983 flight of the space shuttle Challenger.

What’s the jewelry made out of?
It’s brass plated with 18k gold or rhodium and features enamel colors to match the jelly bean flavors such as blueberry, berry blue, lemon, bubble gum, cantaloupe, very cherry and licorice.

Where can we buy it?
The collection is available for two months at GR8’s LaForet store as well from their online shop. Pieces cost from ¥7,500 to ¥12,500.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 7.32.17 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 7.32.05 PM

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– Annemarie Luck