Having only lived in Japan for a short portion of my life, I first learned about DHC in the way most women of my generation do: through YouTube tutorials. Makeup artist Lisa Eldrige mentioned DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil in one of her videos, so the first time I roamed through a mall in Tokyo, I decided to pick up the product and give it a go. Since then, I’ve become a loyal DHC fan.

Fast forward a couple of years to January 2020 when Tokyo Weekender was invited to visit the DHC showroom in Shibuya to try out and learn more about their most popular products and other lineups. Naturally, I put my hand up.

DHC Showroom in Shibuya

DHC Showroom in Shibuya

Where the DHC Story Began

While the brand is now a go-to in Japan for affordable, high-quality skincare and supplements, it all started in the 1970s with a bit of olive oil extracted in the Spanish countryside.

With their inaugural product, DHC Olive Virgin Oil, launching in 1980, the brand tapped into the skin-rejuvenating power of olive oil (which is high in antioxidants and vitamin E). This natural product came to be DHC’s signature moisturizer formulated from the purest form of handpicked olive oil.

The oil is sourced from a farmer whose family has been producing organic olive oil for more than 220 years. This oil proudly wears the seal of one of the strictest EU certifications. The olives are handpicked by knowledgeable farmers and their oil is extracted using a stone mill, a traditional piece of equipment that, these days, you might otherwise find in a museum. This method allows for the finished product to contain the lowest level of acidity possible, which means it’s not damaging to even the most sensitive skin.

DHC Olive Oil beauty range

Love Your Skin with DHC’s Four-Step Make-up Routine

Sube-sube is the Japanese onomatopoeia to describe something that has a smooth, silky texture. It’s also the motto for DHC’s Olive Virgin Oil range. Contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t need a 30-step skincare routine to achieve the smooth complexion we all desire. In fact, DHC believes the opposite, recommending only four products to wipe the day off your face, and indulge in a little pampering. No overwhelming and complicated steps to follow here.

“Sube-sube is the Japanese onomatopoeia to describe something that has a smooth, silky texture”

After a long day braving the elements, the first step in your evening routine is, of course, to take off any makeup you might be wearing. DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil will remove even the most stubborn mascara, but if you want to make sure you get all the grub off your cheeks, DHC recommends a second wash using their oil-based Mild Soap, which conditions and gets it ready to absorb moisture. On no-makeup days or in the mornings, skip the oil and stick with a mild wash to get rid of any impurities. For optimum results, use with a foaming net. After cleansing your skin, tone and moisturize with a lotion before sealing everything in with the Olive Virgin Oil.

DHC Collagen Skincare Range

DHC’s Latest Collagen-Infused Lineup

The above basic routine works for women or men of all ages and skin types, but if you’re looking to give your skin an extra boost, DHC also offers a new collagen-infused line called DHC Super Collagen. This range helps skin bounce back thanks to Dipeptide-8, a peptide concentrate exclusive to DHC. It also instantly hydrates without leaving skin feeling sticky.

For those who want a soft push, opt for the white range of products. For more heavy-duty options, browse their innovative gold collection offering lotions and creams with a collagen concentrate. These products follow the DHC-approved skincare routine but also offer a few extra steps for those feeling particularly in need of rejuvenation.

Our favorite item in the range is the DHC Super Collagen Supreme Mist that can be used after toning your skin, before applying makeup or as a makeup setting spray. It’s a great product for those who want to keep the skincare benefits going all day. (And for those looking for a V-Day gift, we should mention.)

We also wouldn’t say no to a cooling mist during the Tokyo summer.

DHC Makeup Range

DHC’s Makeup and Supplement Range

While DHC offers mostly skincare, they also deliver a range of makeup basics (including Emma Watson’s favorite mascara), all reflecting the importance of taking care of your skin. As for inner beauty, DHC offers one of the widest range of supplements on the market, including everything from vitamin B to iron.

All DHC’s products are available from their Japanese online store. They recently launched an English website at www.dhc.co.jp/en (ships within Japan only). DHC also offers tax-free and multilingual services at select flagship stores: top.dhc.co.jp/tax-free/en

DHC Collagen Skincare Range

Photographs by Rose Vittayaset and David Jaskiewicz

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