This week’s Shop Japan roundup is all about fashion. From silk face masks to leather wallets, these Japan-made items will bring a bit of flair to any wardrobe. Whether you like timeless classics or are looking for your next statement accessory, keep reading for our tried-and-tested recommendations.

1. Japanese Spirit IKI Face Mask by kikuichirin

Produced by a traditional textile manufacturer in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, this breathable, stylish face mask uses a fabric called silk gauze made from the Karami weaving technique.

¥880. Buy here.

2. Cool Linen Mask by Texsil

Refresh your face with this uniquely designed mask that’s perfect for the fashion-conscious. A fusion of traditional ancient fabric made from hemp with excellent craftmanship.

¥1,500. Buy here.


With traditional kimono often too expensive for many, VEDUTA decided to create unique street-style designs incorporating the latest trends straight from fashion runways.

¥18,000–¥41,800+. Buy here.

4. Four seasons knitted belly warmer by Gennai Seiyaku Co., Ltd.

Raising apparent temperature by two degrees, Gennai Seiyaku has created four types of haramaki (belly warmers) tailored to each season.

¥3,080. Buy here.

5. CARE : SOKU series by Yamachu Co. Ltd.

Improve the health of your feet, be it cracked heels or poor circulation, with this series that goes beyond the conventional concept of socks.

¥1,925–¥5,280. Buy here.


Modern sports shoes with a traditional feel, these sneakers come with “hanao” straps usually found on geta or zori sandals.

¥18,480–¥30,140. Buy here.

7. ecuvo, by FUKUSHIN CO., LTD.

“Ecuvo,” meaning dimple in Japanese, aims to put a smile on everyone’s face with eco-friendly products made from reclaimed wool and recycled plastic bottles

¥2,200–¥5,500. Buy here.

8. Single leather compact wallet ICHI by OURSE

This single leather wallet is thin, compact and durable with a good amount of storage capacity. It also boasts a very stylish design.

¥16,900. Buy here.

9. Hakata-ori zipper wallet by REOKINAWA

This long-lasting wallet sews together exceptional leather with Hakata-ori silk textile. Each piece attunes itself to the user, aging naturally glossy and caramel brown.

¥32,780. Buy here.

10. Kotowari® Mini Leather Wallet by Life with Leather

Though small and slim, this wallet has great capacity. Made using eco-friendly leather, its ingenious design prevents important items from sliding off.

¥18,000. Buy here.

All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Summer 2021 brochure by clicking the image below.